Burks Farm Beef Processing

Thanks for visiting Burks Farm, New Kent Virginia
We specialize in the custom slaughter and processing of domestic livestock like beef, hogs, sheep, and goats that are either raised by Burks Farm, or supplied by you. Sorry, no poultry.

All our meat is double-wrapped with meat tray, plastic wrap, and freezer paper, and is guaranteed for the shelf life of the meat. Our processing facility is inspected regularly to assure the highest quality of care, cleanliness, and safety.

Whole Roasting Pigs and Top Hogs
We’re also a trusted source for whole hogs, beef, goats, and sheep for your pig pickin’,┬áholiday roasts, family feasts, and freezer. We have great prices on:

  • Pigs for pig roasting and pickin’ (call for pricing)
  • Top Hogs for freezer (call for pricing)
  • Lean Cattle (International diet) (call for pricing)
  • Grain Fattened Cattle (American diet) (call for pricing)
  • Prices subject to change weekly

Pork Slaughter Fee: Skinned, $70.00 or Scraped $90.00 (can not scrape over 250 lb)
Pork Processing Fee: Wrapped, $.80 lb dressed wt.

Beef Slaughter Fee: $90
Beef Processing Fee: Wrapped, $.75 lb dressed wt.

We slaughter and process goats delivered to us, by either you or your supplier.
Prices are subject to change with market prices. Price of the animal is live weight or on the hoof, and excluding slaughtering or processing cost.

Burks Farm buys livestock
Livestock is raised here at Burks Farm, but we occasionally need to buy pigs from other sources to keep up with demand. Please contact us to discuss what we’re looking for.

100-175 lbs live weight

Trying to keep up with a projected increase in demand this spring and summer, Burks Farm is looking for good suppliers of live pigs and hogs.
Candidates must be able to supply pigs that are:

  • between 100-175 lbs (live weight)
  • very healthy
  • free of parasites, lice

Interested parties, please call David Burks at 804-366-2754.

Burks Farm has been processing meat in New Kent County, Virginia since 2001 and attracts customers from all over Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and North Carolina. We’re conveniently located just off of Routes 64 and 60, just 25 minutes from Richmond and Williamsburg.

Burks Farm - whole roasted hogs
Burks Farm whole roasted hog prepared by Mike Chandler

Please Note:

  • Burks Farm is a custom inspected meat processing shop, therefore we do not sell retail meat.
  • Whole animals purchased from Burks Farm must have a deposit at least 1 week in advance.
  • All domestic animals must be brought here alive for processing.
  • No poultry
  • There is a 70 lbs. live weight minimum for pigs.
  • Pigs for picking are fresh, never frozen, and are typically slaughtered on the same day as pick up.

Burks Farm Whole Hogs