If your question isn’t answered here, please send us a message and we’ll be happy to sort it out.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept major credit cards and charge a 4% added fee.

Do you deliver or ship animals or meat?


Does Burks Farm only process deer during hunting season?

No, we’d be happy to process your legally harvested deer any time of the year, as long as you bring it to us properly field dressed.

Does Burks Farm process any poultry like turkeys and chickens?

Sorry, no we don’t.

Will Burks Farm process livestock that I’ve raised?

Yes, we can butcher just about any healthy livestock you bring to us. All animals must be brought here alive for processing.

Can you field dress this 12 point buck for me?

No ma’am, deer and other wild game brought to Burks Farm for processing must be field dressed in advance.

I’ve field dressed and quartered my buck. Can I bring it to you for processing?

Yes. Please bring quartered meat to us packed on ice in a cooler. Easiest thing to do is to just field dress it and let us handle the rest!

Can I buy 30 lbs of pork ribs and 20 lbs of Filet Mignon from you?

No, as a custom inspected processing shop, Burks Farm processes meat to your specifications. Therefore, we do not sell retail meat.

Can I bring my deer after business hours and leave it in your outside cooler?

No, please bring it the next day. If the outside temperature is 45 degrees or below, the meat will be fine overnight. If the temperature is a little higher, pack the cavity with ice.

Can you recommend any cutlery, thermometers or other accessories that may be useful in preparing meat?

Yes, in fact you can check out our recommendations here, and items will be added periodically so be sure to check back often.

Can you provide beef and goat meat that is halal?

Yes, by request, as long as you let me know at least 1 week in advance and have an order of at least 10 goats or 2 beef. Burks Farm has experience with a variety of religious customs pertaining to goat processing and slaughtering, and we’re happy to oblige and honor yours.

How do you wrap meat that you’ve processed?

Meat is double-wrapped with plastic wrap, freezer paper, and includes a meat tray. All meat we process is guaranteed for the shelf-life of the meat. (Shelf-life varies per animal.)