Deer Processing


Burks Farm was a trusted source for deer processing in Virginia. We processed legally harvested deer all year long, not just during hunting season.

Deer and Venison Processing Cuts and Pricing

Standard Cuts
Standard Cuts of deer are made to your specifications. 10 lb minimum per flavor.
$65 if you skin the deer, $75 if we do (flat rate). Caped(to be mounted) is $90.
Quartered deer meat, $11 per quarter (hind quarter, front shoulder, loin, neck)


  • Boneless Whole or Boneless Sliced
  • Boneless Butterfly
  • Bone in Chops
  • Quantity per pack

Round Deer Steaks, if desired

  • Thickness
  • Quantity per pack

Deer Hind Roast, if desired

  • Whole
  • Split
  • Boneless

Venison Burger, if desired

  • Pack size, by the pound

Optional Cuts

  • Boneless Venison Steak: $2.00 per deer
  • Cube Steak: $4.00 , per hind quarter
  • Add Fat: $2.00 per pound, at 10%, 15%, or 20%

Summer Sausage

  • Summer Sausage Original: $4.50 per pound 10 lb minimum per flavor
  • Summer Sausage Pepper Jack, Swiss, or Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Original Jalapeño: $5.00 per pound
  • Summer Sausage Jalapeño Cheddar, Jalapeño Pepper Jack, Jalapeño Swiss: $5.50 per pound
  • Summer Sausage Jalapeño Cheddar: $5.50 per pound 10 lb minimum per flavor

Breakfast Sausage

  • Hot, medium, or mild: $.80 per pound
  • Maple Brown Sugar breakfast sausage: $1.00 per pound

Processing policy alert:

A $5 per day charge will be added if meat is not picked up within 3 days of being notified that it is ready, including the day of call and text. Example: If we notify you Monday, a $5 charge will be added if you pick it up on Thursday. A $10 fee will be added if insides are not removed prior to drop off.