Goat Processing

Here at Burks Farm, we have a broad range of experience processing goats to just about any custom requirements of your favorite recipes or religious customs.

With the increasing popularity of ethnic recipes and especially Caribbean cuisine in the US, goat meat is becoming more widely enjoyed. A healthy option, goat meat is about 50% less fatty than similarly prepared beef, but has about the same amount of protein.
Please call for goat processing prices.

Goat Processing Options by the Pound

  • Goat chops (thickness optional)
  • Loin in rib roast
  • Rack of goat ribs
  • Hind roast or round steaks
  • Front shoulder roast
  • Ground goat meat
  • Stew meat

For the International Community

We will burn (smoke), skin and just burn head and feet, cut the goat to the size you prefer. For example, 1 inch for curry, 3 inch for soup, large chunks for the grill, or most any special request. Burks Farm can also process goats according to a variety of religious customs and traditions. If requested, we will also save any internal parts, but we do not clean the internal parts.