Pork Processing

Pork processed at Burks Farm is carefully packaged fresh. We do not cure or smoke pork. You can save money by purchasing pork from Burks Farm because we offer the whole pig priced by the pound, which is less expensive than if you buy pork at the grocery store. Burks Farm allows customers to inspect the animal prior to slaughter, and greater flexibility in ordering to your specifications. Please note we have a 70 lbs. live weight minimum.

Pork Processing Prices and Options

Pork Slaughter Fee: Skinned, $55.00 or Scraped $60.00 (can not scrape over 300 lb)
Pork Processing Fee: Wrapped, $.50 lb dressed wt, or not wrapped $.35 dressed wt.


  • Pork Chops and steak thickness by inch
  • Pork Cube Steak: $.75 per pound
  • With or without:

    • Head (scraped only)
    • Feet (scraped only)
    • Fat back (scraped only)
    • Fat scraps
    • Organs, liver/heart/kidneys/lungs/other
    • Sausage, $.25 lb, hot/medium/mild and pack size lb
    • Maple Brown Sugar Breakfast Sausage: $.50 per pound
    • Double grind, $.20 per lb

    Other Choices (Pork cuts not desired will be deboned for sausage)

    • Back ham: split, ham steak, pack size
    • Boston butt: whole, split, butt steaks, pack size
    • Picnic ham
    • Fresh bacon: slab or sliced pack size lb
    • Pork Ribs: rack or split number per pack or rack
    • Pork chop: bone in, boneless, and number per pack